Summer Sampling

Stremicks Heritage Foods understands the importance of supporting local farmers, given that our Heritage Organic Milk is produced locally. In our commitment to the community and to build brand awareness for our locally produced organic milk products, we have developed a six month sampling campaign at local Orange County and Los Angeles Farmers’ Markets. We have identified a ripe opportunity for us to not only participate in the local Southern California Farmers’ Markets, but to help promote the produce of fellow locals by sampling smoothies made with our locally produced Organic Milk and a variety of the freshest fruits purchased from vendors at the Farmers’ Markets. Our tasty samples encourage attendees to recreate the organic smoothies in the comfort of their own homes. Our flavorful samples coupled with delicious recipes provided to attendees on a recipe card and a coupon for Stremicks Heritage Foods Organic Milk has kept Farmers’ Markets attendees healthy, happy, and coming back for more!

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