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The human body needs omega-3 DHA but seldom gets an adequate amount through diet alone. DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, is a long chain omega-3 fatty acid that provides health benefits for people of all ages. From unborn babies, toddlers, teenagers and throughout adulthood, everyone needs an adequate amount of omega-3 DHA in their diet. Stremicks Heritage Foods is making it easier now more than ever before to reach your recommended daily amount of omega-3 DHA without changing your diet. Our line of organic milk fortified with the goodness of omega-3 DHA has a taste so creamy and refreshing you won't be able to tell the difference from our original organic milk. DHA is found throughout the body. Specifically, it is:
  • a major structural fat in the brain and retina, accounting for up to 97% of the omega-3 fats in the brain and up to 93% of the omega-3 fats in the retina
  • a key component of heart tissue
  • naturally found in breast milk
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